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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to My site!

Hello there family and extended family!

I have grown up around family and have always known of my rich family history.  I have been told stories upon stories that were passed down from Generation to Generation.  I have tried to keep up with Family Tree Maker and our heritage.  It was when I started doing a genealogy scrapbook for my parents, that launched me deep into the ancestral roots of my family.  I have encountered joys, smiles, disappointments, many "Pandora's boxes" and deep dark secrets.  Here's to opening the world of my family, their lives & their history!

I am establishing this site for my friends and family! Please do NOT copy my pictures and information and put them on your website and post them online without my permission. I have spent countless hours on scanning, typing, cropping and gathering info. My personal email is bulldogsnoble5@gmail.com and welcome any and all corrections, suggestions, comments and questions. If you want copies of these photos and they are part of your family, just ask through an email.  I will be more than happy to send them to you!  I will be posting both sides of my family. If you have ANY questions, just let me know. I do and will privatize all my family members that are still alive. Unless they have passed on, (your) their information will remain private.

God Bless!

Make sure you leave a comment and let me know you were here!

Beth Noble


trumpetguy said...

Thank you for all of your hard work. You have done a great job with this site. I haven been able to go through the entire site yet, but what I've seen and read is very interesting and well done. I am Martin Harriman, son of Lucien Mills and Catherine Virena (Thiemens) Harriman. Catherine is the daughter of Martin and Virena Rose (Vaughn) Thiemens. Virena was the daughter of Cornelius Oder and Laura Belle (Harrison) Vaughn.

Thanks again for the site and may God bless!

all in the family said...

Well thank you for coming by! I am glad you are here and hope you are planning on attending the Vaughn Reunion next summer! Let me know if you have any additions, corrections, etc. I have had contact with your mom on many occasions and she has been a great source of information!

grannyr said...

I am the great great grandaughter of George R. Hand. His wife's name was Sarah Scudder. They were married in Cincinnati, OH where they were both teachers.I am descended through his son George Pickett Hand. My sister has a spoon that belonged to Mary Louise Vaughn, Joseph's wife. I have enjoyed visiting your website and learning a bit more about Grandpa George. I haven't discovered his parents yet, but I am still discovering his rich history

all in the family said...

Thank you so much for finding the site and responding!! I am so glad you are here. We are having a Vaughn Reunion in Seattle July 4th and you are MORE than welcome. We would LOVE to have you. You can click on the link on the site that says Vaughn Family reunion. We have two family members that have books from George R. Hand. My Uncle Wes is a wealth of info and has done extensive research on the Hand's. You can privately email me at bulldogsnoble5@gmail.com and I will give you his email addy (he is in OH but will be at the reunion). That is SO cool about the spoon. Can you atleast take a picture of it and send it to me? I would love just to have a picture of it to pass along to the others...My uncle was just through MO on his way to AZ and so I posted pictures of their gravestones. There is so little we know about my great great grandparents because they did die so young. If you have any info on Mary Louise/Joseph T or any others through the Hands, I would be more than happy to exchange information!!

Unknown said...

Are you still active with this blog? If you would like updated information and more pictures from the Mischke side, I can provide those. I am Carl Mischke's granddaughter and Richard Mischke's daughter. I have a son now, 30 years old, named Curtis Richard Winkle. My father, Richard Harmon Mischke, is 84 now. Hope to keep in touch. I live in Sacramento, CA and am 56.

Tina Mischke

all in the family said...

yes periodically when I have to post, add, correct etc......I will be emailing you soon!


Alicia said...

Sent you an e-mail myself :) I'm Marion Beer's granddaughter! I <3 the pic you have of her as a little girl! I'd <3 to get some more info from you! I look forward to chatting with you! Thanks for your blog!