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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cornelius Vaughn Jr.

Descendants of Cornelius Vaughn, Jr

Generation No. 1

1. CORNELIUS4 VAUGHN, JR (CORNELIUS3, JAMES CORNELIUS2, LORD ROBERT1 VAUGHAN) was born January 01, 1820 in Lexington , Kentucky (Fayette Co.), and died January 14, 1903 in Medical Lake, WA (Spokane). He married (1) ALMA PEARL KING. He married (2) MARY BREWEN September 01, 1840 in Fayette Co, Kentucky, daughter of JOHN BREWEN and HANNAH COWGILL. She was born June 23, 1818 in Ohio, and died May 22, 1902 in Medical Lake, WA (Spokane).

Click HERE to read about The Story of the Gold Headed Cane.

They were in Missouri, then came by covered wagon to the
Washington territories (Spokane). I believe both Cornelius &
Mary are buried in Spokane.

Cornelius was born in 1820 and died in 1903. He came fro Odessa, MO, very unhealthy with chills and a fever. The "Missouri Compromise" occured in 1820. Odessa is on the border between Mississippi and Kentucky. He had been a slave holder. The Civil War ended (1865) and slaves were free (although some stayed on for 60 years), so they got in a covered wagons and came West (maybe about 1871, because Hattie was 6 years old)

Cornelius was a proud Englishman. He was quite stern. He used to insist on following funeral processions "hunting" for Grandmother Mary. They lived with Uncle John and Aunt Fanny in Spokane.

Obituary for Cornelius Vaughn Jr. and Mary Brewen Vaughn:
August 1904: I shall report in one article the death of Cornelius and
Mary Vaughn. He was born in Lexington, Ky., Jan. 1,
1820, and was married to Mary Brewen Sept. 1, 1840;
and she was born June 23, 1818, in Hamilton Co., Ohio.
She moved from there to Grant Co. Ky., where she was
married to Cornelius Vaughn. During her early life she
was a Baptist, but after her marriaged united with the
Main Avenue Christian Church, at Lexington, Ky., of
which her husband was a member.

They made their home near Lexington, Ky., until 1866,
when they moved to Richmond, Mo. In 1876 they moved
near May View, Mo., remaining there until they moved to
Washington in 1888.

In 1892 they visited their son Alpheus Vaughn and
family, at College City, Cal., and extended their visit until
the latter part of the next year, when they again returned
to Washington, in which state they remained until death
called them hence.

After an illness of several months of asthma, followed by
heart trouble, Sister Vaughn died May 22, 1902.

Her husband, Cornelius Vaughn, survived her until Jan.
14, 1903, dying of old age, as a ripe sheaf gathered in.
They died at the home of their daughter-in-law, Mrs.
J. C. Vaughn at Spokane, Wash. Their son, J. C. Vaughn
having died there, Jan 30, 1900.

They were the parents of twelve children only two of whom
survive them, Alpheus Vaughn of College City, Cal., and
Daniel Vaughn, of Higginsville, Mo. Bro. and Sister
Vaughn both united with the Church while in the vigor of
youth, and lived consistent Christian lives, and died strong
in the faith. A most beautiful example of Christian faith
and fortitude.

It was on the occasion of their visit to California that this
writer formed an acquaintance with this aged couple of
God-fearing Christians, and become impressed with their
quiet demeanor and meek forbearance when perplexed
with perversion; but with a firm belief in the all-sufficiency
of the pure word of God, as revealed for our learning, and,
as being perfect wanting nothing, so in the light thereof,
they kept right on in the way of its teaching, steadfast in
the faith and in sound doctrine, not faltering by the way
nor digressing therefrom.

W. E. Brasfield

Burial: Medical Lake, WA (Spokane)

Burial: Medical Lake, WA (Spokane)

i. JOSEPH THOMAS5 VAUGHN, b. 1845, Ohio; d. 1865, Richmond, MO (Ray Co.); m. MARY LOUISE HAND; b. November 05, 1845; d. November 03, 1871, Richmond, MO (Ray Co.).

Joseph was born in Richmond Missouri, (Ray County) His early
home was in/or near Hardin Missouri. Until his parents died from
TB, and he was taken in and raised by his parental grandfather
Cornelius Vaughn, Jr. whom was married to Mary Brewen and at
one point the lived in Spokane Washington.

Burial: Richmond, MO (Ray Co.) Richmond Cemetary


M. Louise Hand, November 3, 1871, Richmond, Missouri

Sunday last, Rev. Waller preached the funeral sermon of Mrs. M. Louise Vaughn, daughter of Elder G. R. Hand of this city, at the Christian Church, and after religious services her remains were consigned to Richmond Cemetery to await the final resurrection. Mrs. Vaughn had resided here for nearly five years, and was beloved by all who knew her, for her Christian deportment and many virtues. But consumption had marked her for its victim, and after a long and painful illness, she sank quietly to rest on the night of the 3rd inst.

Taken from microfilm of the Richmond Conservatory, dated on November 11, 1871 issue sent from the Ray County Library, Richmond, Missouri 64085

Burial: Richmond, MO (Ray Co.) Richmond Cemetary
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis
ii. JOHN CORNELIUS VAUGHN, b. January 01, 1844, Lexington , Kentucky (Fayette Co.); d. December 30, 1900, Medical Lake, WA (Spokane); m. SARAH FRANCES BUTTS; b. February 10, 1843; d. March 23, 1915, Spokane, WA.

Burial: Medical Lake Cemetery, Spokane, WA

Burial: Medical Lake Cemetery, Spokane, WA

iii. FRANCIS H. VAUGHN, b. 1843; d. 1867.

                                                       Above is Daniel Jefferson Vaughn

iv. DANIEL JEFFERSON VAUGHN, b. December 10, 1843, Clay Village, KY; d. 1917, Spokane, WA; m. ETHA PUCKETT, December 10, 1867; b. December 07, 1848, Clayville, MO; d. January 16, 1888, Mayview, MO.

Burial: Richmond Cemetery, Richmond MO

v. EMILY M. VAUGHN, b. 1854; d. 1867.
Alpheus & Mattie Vaughn on their wedding day

vi. ALPHEUS VAUGHN, b. April 06, 1859, Lexington, Fayette Co, KY; d. May 13, 1937, Exeter, CA; m. MARTHA NEAL ROZELL.
vii. STELLA E. VAUGHN, b. 1861; d. 1870.

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