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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Joseph George Vaughn

Descendants of Joseph George Vaughn

Generation No. 1

1. JOSEPH GEORGE6 VAUGHN (JOSEPH THOMAS, CORNELIUS, CORNELIUS, JAMES CORNELIUS, LORD ROBERT1 VAUGHAN) was born March 22, 1864 in Richmond, MO (Ray Co.), and died November 20, 1943 in Entiat, WA (Chelan Co). He married EVELINE JENNIE STANLEY
June 20, 1894 in Spokane, WA, daughter of WILLIAM STANLEY and MARY REED. She was born June 20, 1868 in Chillicothe, OH (Ross Co.), and died July 06, 1940 in Wenatchee, WA (Chelan Co).

                                                           Joseph & Eva (Stanley) Vaughn

Note: My great grandparents, Joe and Eva met as nurses at Medical Lake, Wa. Below is a picture of the nurses from Medical Lake. My great-grandfather, Joseph George is sitting on the bottom left of the picture. Eva is not pictured.

Click HERE to learn more about Entiat: the Vaughn Homeplace.

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Click HERE to read about The Story of the Gold Headed Cane.

Here is information on the Chelan Christian Church. The Vaughn's were a apart of the Christian Church as Brother George R. Hand (Joseph G. Vaughn's maternal Grandfather)helped to start.

Burial: Entiat, WA (Chelan Co) Entiat Cemetary
Cause of Death: heart

Click Here for the Obituary of Joseph George Vaughn

Burial: Entiat, WA (Chelan Co) Entiat Cemetary
Cause of Death: diabetes

Click Here for Eva's Obituary.

Here is the story from Joseph G. Vaughn of Entiat. His father Joe
was 19 and wanted to get married to Ella Hand, daughter of Professor
Hand. He wrote 21 on a piece of paper. Put it in his shoe. Thus he was
over 21. He died 3 month after the wedding. The baby was named Joseph
G. The mother Ella died when Joseph was about 3 1/2. Therefore Joseph
was raised by his grandfather Cornelians #2 Vaughn. At a young age he
displayed a natural talent for music. While still living with his
grandfather, he made a stringed instrument. Old Grand pa said, "Joe, if
you play the Lord's music, you can keep that instrument. If I catch you
playing the Devil's music, its going into the stove." Apparently, the
only difference between the Lord's music and the Devil's music was what
grandpa liked and didn't' like.
When grandpa went out to plow, young Joe played the tunes of the
day. When Grand pa came into the house he played the religious song
grandpa loved. One day grandpa came in, Joe did not hear him. Of course
he was playing the popular songs of the day. True to his word, the
instrument was thrown into the stove for disposal. (Story told by Joe Vaughn, who is the son of David Robert Vaughn and Grandson of Joseph George Vaughn.)


1. DAISY (ROMA) STANLEY (WILLIAM LINDLEY3, WILLIAM HIRAM2, ISAAC1) was born August 26, 1886 in Twin Township, Ross County, OH, and died December 17, 1977 in Fayette Co, OH. She married JESSE DOUGLAS. He was born March 21, 1889 in West Virginia, and died May 11, 1970 in Athens, Athens Co, OH.

See Roma Ethel "Daisy" Stanley under William D. Stanley's name. She was born to Eva at 18 yo, and was adopted and raised by William D. Stanley, an uncle. William D. was a son to John, who in turn was a brother to her grandfather, Hiram.

i. STANLEY GEORGE7 VAUGHN, b. May 10, 1896, Medical Lake, WA (Spokane); d. February 15, 1969, Seattle, WA (King County); m. FLORENCE LILLIAN RICE, June 12, 1920; b. December 01, 1894, Merrill, Wisconsin; d. June 15, 1989, Seattle, Washington.

Burial: Wenatchee, WA (Chelan Co) Wenatchee Cemetary
Cause of Death: diabetes

This was written by Jim Vaughn:

Forence Lillian Rice Vaughn was born on December 1, 1894 in Merrill, WI. Her family came to Wenatchee in 1902 and she grew up there.

She graduated from Bellingham Normal School with a lifetime teaching certificate and taught school for a total of 27 years.

She met her husband to be while she was teaching in the Entiat Valley and Boarding with the Vaughn family. There were 9 Vaughn children, so the Vaughn's represented a good portion of the school enrollment.

She married Stanley George Vaughn on June 12, 1920 and raised a family of 5 children.

When Stanley was injured in 1936, Florence returned to teaching to support the family.

Teaching jobs were scarce for so many years. She had to teach rural schools like Pitcher Canyon, Chesaw, WA (near Oroville) and 25 mile creek on Lake Chelan.

During this time, her family was split. The younger two lived at school with her and the 3 older sons were at home. She would return often to supervise the Homefront. She many times drove a 1938 Buick 185 miles thru snow and storms, putting on her own chains to make sure that all was well at home!

Later in 1943, she and her sister in-law, Christine (Peterson) Vaughn pioneered the teaching of Handicap Children in Wenatchee.

She finally retired in 1958 and she and Stanley moved to Seattle.

Stanley died in 1969 of a massive heart attack. She spent her later years at the Northwest Danish Home and Burien Terrace Nursing Home in Seattle.

Here is her obit:
Florence L. Vaughn
Died June 15 (1989). She was born in Merrill, Wis. and was a retired school teacher in the Chelan and Douglas County School Districts. She was a member of the State and National Retired Teachers Associations and the Highline United Methodist Church. She was preceeded in death by her husband, Stanley G. Vaughn. She is survived by three sons: James, HOmer and E. Lowell; two daughters Mary Taplett and Carolyn Corley; 21 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren and three great-great granddaughters. Memorial services will be held on Monday at 1 p.m. at the Highline United Methodist Church. Visitation will be at the Pattrer's Funeral Chapel in Burien, Sunday from 3-5 p.m. and Monday from 6-8 p.m. Burial will be at the Wenatchee Cemetery, Tuesday at 3 p.m.

Burial: Wenatchee Cemetery, Wenatchee, WA

ii. FLORA LOUISE VAUGHN, b. August 21, 1898, Medical Lake, WA (Spokane); d. January 07, 1984, Seattle, King Co, WA; m. ORA OVERMAN; d. April 10, 1979.

iii. WILLIAM JOSEPH VAUGHN, b. July 22, 1900, Knapps Hill, WA (Chelan Co.); d. 1984; m. CHRISTINE PETERSON, June 05, 1929.
Burial: Entiat, WA (Chelan Co) Entiat Cemetary

iv. DAVID ROBERT VAUGHN, b. August 31, 1901, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co); d. July 13, 1965, Seattle, WA (King County); m. DOROTHY HARMON, June 20, 1926; b. May 18, 1900; d. 1980, Portland, OR.
Burial: Seattle, WA (King County)
Cause of Death: diabetes/massive heart attack

Burial: Seattle, WA (King County)

v. CHARLEY J. VAUGHN, b. May 05, 1903, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co.); d. September 18, 1904, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co.).

vi. FRANCES EVELEEN VAUGHN, b. November 12, 1904, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co); d. December 21, 1982, Soap Lake, WA; m. (1) JOHN ENGLISH; m. (2) ALLEN H. AMBLER, August 14, 1926; b. May 25, 1899, Prarie Du Soc County, WI; d. August 12, 1977, Ephrata, Washington.

Burial: December 24, 1982, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co) Entiat Cemetary
Cause of Death: diabetes

Burial: August 16, 1977, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co) Entiat Cemetary

vii. BABY VAUGHN, b. February 22, 1906.
viii. CLARENCE VAUGHN, b. June 30, 1907.

ix. DANIEL JAY VAUGHN, b. January 29, 1909, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co); m. (1) EVELYN POOLE; d. 2002; m. (2) HELEN KING.

x. ELMER PAUL VAUGHN, b. January 18, 1911, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co); d. August 1985, Wenatchee, WA (Chelan Co); m. MILDRED MCCORMICK; b. February 12, 1911; d. May 15, 1994, Wenatchee, WA (Chelan Co).
Burial: Wenatchee, WA (Chelan Co) Wenatchee Cemetary

Burial: Wenatchee, WA (Chelan Co) Wenatchee Cemetary

xi. HERBERT MONINGER VAUGHN, b. December 18, 1912, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co); d. July 1998, Seal Beach, CA; m. PARIE GRIFFIN, April 01, 1938.

Burial: Ashes spread over ocean
Cause of Death: diabetes

xii. ALFRED TENNYSON VAUGHN, b. October 18, 1914, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co); d. July 25, 1999, Seattle, WA (King County); m. NAOMI EILEEN HERZOG, November 17, 1943, First Nazarene Church, Seattle, WA; b. August 14, 1922, Seattle, WA (King County); d. January 25, 2002.

Burial: August 02, 1999, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co)
Christening: Entiat, WA Christian Church

Burial: February 05, 2002, Entiat, WA (Chelan Co)
Christening: First Nazarene Church, Seattle

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