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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Daisy "Roma" Stanley

Daisy (Roma) Elizabeth Stanley
 circa 1909

Descendants of Daisy (Roma) Stanley

Generation No. 1

1. DAISY (ROMA)ETHEL Elizabeth STANLEY (WILLIAM LINDLEY3, WILLIAM HIRAM2, ISAAC1) was born August 26, 1886 in Twin Township, Ross County, OH, and died December 17, 1977 in Fayette Co, OH. She married JESSE DOUGLAS. He was born March 21, 1889 in West Virginia, and died May 11, 1970 in Athens, Athens Co, OH.

Jesse & Daisy Roma (Stanley) Douglas

See Roma Ethel "Daisy" Stanley under William D. Stanley's name. She was born to Eva at 18 yo, and was adopted and raised by William D. Stanley, a first cousin to her grandfather, William Lindley. William D. was a son to John, who in turn was a brother to her grandfather, Hiram.


i. BABY BOY DOUGLAS was born stillborn
ii. DAISY5 Margaurite DOUGLAS, b. 1913 d.
iii. Jesse Clifford Douglas b. 1915 d. 15 Oct. 1944 Harries-Chappel Cemetery for American Soldiers in Belgium. After the war his body was returned to Athens, Ohio and burried in Burlingham Cemetery in Meigs Co.; m. PHYLLIS I. CARBAUGH, 10 Apr 1936.

Jessie Clifford Douglas was killed in the first battle of Aachen, Germany in the Second World War. on Oct.15, 1944. He was in the infantry. God rest his brave soul. He was buried first at Harries-Chappel Cemetery for American Soldiers in Belgium. He was 29 years 4 month and 12 days when he died. He was returned to Athens, Ohio and buried in Burlingham Cemetery in Meigs County on his family lot. He was married eight
years when he was sent overseas. They had no children.

Military service: 15 Oct 1944, Jessee Clifford Douglas was killed in action in the first battle of Aachen, Germany in the Second World War.

iv. SIDNEY IRENE DOUGLAS b. Approx 1918 according to the 1930 census
v. MILLARD STANLEY DOUGLAS b. Approx 1920 according to the 1930 census
vi. RAYMOND CECIL DOUGLAS b. Approx 1926 according to the 1930 census

Below is from William D's Generation. I will post another separate post for William D's family.

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM D.3 STANLEY (JOHN2, ISAAC1) was born December 11, 1846, and died Unknown. He married (1) AMANDA RUTH BLACKWOOD. She died Unknown. He married (2) MAHALIA M. LAWRENCE 1896. She died Unknown. He married (3) CLARISSA HULL 1911. She died Unknown.

v. ROMA ETHEL "DAISY" STANLEY, b. 1886, Ross County, OH; d. December 17, 1977, Fayette Co, OH; m. JESSE H. DOUGLAS, May 20, 1911, Parkersburg, WVA; b. March 21, 1889, WV; d. May 11, 1970, Athens, Athens Co, OH.

Roma Ethel was born to my great-grandmother Eva Stanley (Vaughn) at the age of 18. Due to Eva's age and the fact that she was unmarried, Daisy was given to William D. Stanley, a first cousin to her grandfather, and son to John Stanley to raise. William D. Stanley and his wife adopted Roma as their daughter. Her name was changed from Daisy to Roma Ethel. There is no exact reason why she was given to William D. to raise, except the family was trying to evade the father (who's name is not known) and the whole family moved to the State of Washington. She in turn married a Jesse Douglas. It says on her SSDI that she was divorced when she died at the age of 91 in 1977. She kept in contact with her mother, Eva Stanley Vaughn, by way of letters, until Eva's death and was never kept from the truth. She also knew who her father was, but it has not been revealed at this time.

Thanks to cousin, Larry Robinson for my Stanley information!


Terri McClure said...

This wonderful woman was my patenal grandmother. Her son, Millard, was my father. He passed away after having surgery in November of 1959, leaving a wife, four children and one on the way. My mother never got over his death and until the day she passed away, mourned him. Roma gave some of her family history to her daughter, Daisy, who made copies for us all. She was quite interesting and lived a colorful life. I would love to receive updates that you get about her....thank you so much for doing this! :)

Southern Belle said...

@Terri: I am SO glad to hear from you! I look Forward to communicating with you. I have heard so many good things about your grandmother! If you don't feel comfortable filling in details, I would love to talk to you privately through email (bulldogsnoble5@gmail.com). I had no idea your grandmother existed until my Uncle & Aunt came to visit us here in GA (we've only been here since 05) and My uncle said "Has anyone been able to locate Daisy?" I said "who the heck is THAT?" then that opened the secret pandoras box that I had NO idea that existed! I was able to contact Larry Robinson (thank goodness) who was able to give me some wonderful information. Do you know Larry? He was VERY familiar with your grandma and seemed to know her well! I look forward to hearing from you more about her. Do you have any other photos of her that I can post or stories I can add? What about any of the letters that were written between my great grandmother (Eva) and your grandmother (Daisy Roma) which were mother & daughter!

teachermick said...

Thank you for sharing your blog! Your family member, Roma (Stanley) Douglas and husband, Jessie Douglas, were a very important link to my dad and family, John F. Alkire. He remembers traveling to the Douglas home and playing with they kids. I believe there is a family link too as I have Rebecca Jane Stanley married Hiram Alkire. I'm still working at the true connection between Hiram and my dad. Since your photos are copyrited, is there any other way to get a photo from you? Possibly printed & I'd pay for them? I have just 1 very fuzzy group pic that I'd be glad to share. Maybe you could help me identify peopls? Thanks again.

all in the family said...

Teachermick: I would be glad to. Please email me at bulldogsnoble5@gmail.com and I will be happy to send you what I have :)

Unknown said...

It was so nice coming across this blog, I found it through your water marks on pictures on ancestry.com

Daisy would've been my great grandmother, Terri, who commented above is my aunt. I've learned a lot today :)