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Monday, January 7, 2008

Will of James Cornelius Vaughn/Vaughan

Will Book Page #216 of James C. Vaughn:

In the name of God, Amen. May 12th, 1735. I JAMES VAUGHN of the county of Brunswick, Virginia, Languishing state if body, but of sound perfect memory. Praise be given to God for the same and knowing the (mortality or innerbeauty) of this life on earth and being desirous to settle things in order to make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. That is to say first and prayerfully, I command my soul to Almighty God, my Creator and Redeemer, believing that I shall receive all pardon and for remission of my sins, and be saved by the promised death and merits of my Blessed Savior Jesus Christ. And my body to the earth from where it was taken, to be buried in South and Christian manner as my executors however, manner shall think fit. And as for my worldly estate, as the Lord hath sent us, my will and meaning is that the same shall be employed and bestowed as this my in right to any body shall be paid within convenient time after my death, by my exectutors hereafter named. I give my son James Vaughn a tract of land containing 378 acres whereon he now lives, and my own riding horse named "Wanton". I give to my son George Vaughn a certain parcel of land where on he now lives containing 200 acres and my sorrel Mare and all the stock that belongs to the plantation, there whereon he now lives. I give to Tabitha Vaughn one young mare two months old and a young cow. I give to Winne Curoks one young cow and calf. I give to Mary McDaniel, one cow and a calf. I give to John Winn one young horse about two and a half years old, cow heifer about one year. I give to my wife Ann Vaughn the Plantation I now live on with all the land belonging to it, to her and her disposal. I likewise give to her all the rest of my worldly goods during her widowhood or death, and when to be equally divided among my children. And I do hereby constitute and appoint and implore James Vaughn and George Vaughn to be the overseers of this my last will and testament. Depending upon them to fulfill every article here to fore mentioned and thereby I do hereby make my consult, ordain and appoint James Vaughn and George Vaughn to be my true and sole executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness where of I have here on to let my hand and seal this and years first above written. Signed sealed in the presence of us William Marlin, James Mizo, and William Walters.

At court slated for Brunswick county, the third day of July in 1735. This will was presented in court by James Vaughn and George Vaughn, the executors there in named, who made oath there to according to law and the same being proved by William Marlin, James Mizo and William Walters as it is there to it is admitted.

For more info on the will of the Vaughn (Voughn, Vaughn), you can click on This website and read further.

Another version:
P. 216-217

James Voughn, 1735

Will of James Voughn of the County of Brunswick being in a languishing
state of body, dated 12 May, 1735.

To my son James Voughn one track of land containing 378 acres whereon he
now lives and my own riding horse named Wanton.

To my son George Voughn one certain parcel of land whereon he now lives
containing 200 acres and one sorril mayor and all the stock that belongs
to the plantation whereon he now lives.

To Tabither Voughn one young mayor about 2 months old and a young cow and

To Winne Curcks one young cow and calf.

To Mary Mackdanill [McDaniel] one cow and calfe.

To Joshua Winn one young horse and one heifer.

To my wife Anne Voughn the plantation I now live on with all the lands
belonging to it to her and her disposal. Likewise all the rest of my worldly
goods during her widerhude or death and then to be equally divided among
my children.

James Voughn and George Voughn overseers of this my last will and executors.

James Voughn

This will above came from HERE!

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